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I dove straight into the Wedding Enquiry Masterclass and got my proposal out that same afternoon. Her original budget was $1800 and sheโ€™s just paid me a deposit for a bigger $3,000 wedding. So cool!
Petal Pushers
Yes, yes, yes!!! Thank you so much for all these wonderful resources!!!!!!
Foliage Floral Studio
Thank you SO MUCH Kathleen! I needed to do this 20 years ago. This work has been one of the best investments I've made in my business and I am just beyond grateful.
Tandem Studio Floral
Profitability Simplified

Set Yourself Up For Success

Conquer your fears + doubts about pricing in less than an hour with Kathleen's exact blueprint to pricing with confidence for floral designers.

Inside this course, Kathleen walks you through her exact approach to pricing and helps you conquer the fear + doubt. Plus, you can do it all in under an hour!

Sell with Ease

Winning Website Roadmap

In this step-by-step course, Kathleen passes along her proven blueprint for creating a website that helps you grow your business and turn eyeballs into paying customers so you can sell with confidence and ease.

Plus, you get exclusive access to our copy + paste copydeck so you know exactly what to say on each page of your website.

โ€œIโ€™m on a mission to make it easier for florists to build profitable businesses.โ€

- Kathleen, Founder of

Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™ve created this online shop โ€“ it's the ultimate resource hub for florists who are ready to grow their business, streamline their approach and actually make money doing what you love.

Every one of the resources we provide here we use in our own business. But whatโ€™s more, theyโ€™ve been tested by florists around the world. So, you can invest today with the peace of mind knowing theyโ€™ll actually help you achieve your goals.

Making it Easier for You to Grow Your Business

The Secret Weapon of the Successful Florists

On Demand

Grow at your own pace and start implementing whenever inspiration strikes


Build your business effortlessly with step-by-step resources you can apply straight away.

Lifetime Access

Uninterrupted access to resources, templates, and courses for a lifetime of support.

Save Time & Money

Invest at the level that suits your needs so you can propel your floral business forward.

Loved By Florists Around the World


Make money doing what you love. And do it on your terms.

I've taken all my best-selling courses and step-by-step marketing strategies and made it easier than ever for florists to elevate their game. Grab the one or two tools you need, or get 'em all in the Mega Bundle.

The best part is, you can go at your own pace and experience peace of mind, knowing you've got lifetime access to your course content so there's no need to rush.

Effortlessly elevate your floral business!

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Pricing with Confidence for Florists

Original price was: USD $247.Current price is: USD $197.

Flower Boss Mega Bundle

Original price was: USD $2,120.Current price is: USD $997.

Winning Website Roadmap for Florists

USD $297

Goal Getter Bundle (Incl. Business Plan Template)

USD $97

Instagram Blueprint

USD $297

Wedding Enquiries Masterclass

USD $297

Floral Subscriptions Masterclass

USD $197

Flower Recipe eBook

USD $47
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