It is 100% possible to build a profitable floral design business.

A business you love working at. One that brings you joy and makes good money.

How do I know? Because it's exactly what I did.


Hi! I'm Kathleen

For years I thought every other designer had a ‘secret handbook’, a step-by-step guide to building a flower business. How did everyone else make it look so effortless? What the heck was I missing?

Then I realised I wasn’t missing anything. No one was out there speaking up about the business of flowers.

Well, I'm happy to be the one to break the 'hush hush'.

Today, I work with floral designers to teach them everything I've learned — from running TWO successful flower businesses and from 10 years in fancy-pants corporate marketing jobs.

I want you to know it is 100% possible to make really good money in this industry and to LOVE your job again.

I can help.

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