Next Level Growth

Business Mentoring with Kathleen

Ready to take your floral business to the next level? I'm here to help.

When it comes to having accountability, staying focused and getting results, nothing beats working with an experience mentor and coach.

Together, we'll turn your floral dreams into a thriving reality. And you'll get to feel supported every step of the way.

Self-Serve Success

Marketing & Sales Courses for Florists

Dive in today. Get immediate access to the materials you need to take your marketing to the next level, streamline your approach and grow your business.

We've got courses to suit florists at every level. Grab the ones you need today and experience the peace of mind knowing you have lifetime access to all the resources so you can revisit the tools as often as you need.

“I’m on a mission to make it easier for florists to make money & grow their business.”

- Kathleen, Founder of

That’s why I’ve created this space – it's the ultimate resource hub for florists who are ready to grow their business, streamline their approach and make more money as a floral designer.

Every one of the tools + resources we provide here we use in our own business. But what’s more, they’ve been tested by florists around the world. So, you can invest today with the peace of mind knowing they’ll actually help you achieve your goals.