How to price flowers

How to Price Flowers: Retail & Wedding Formulas

By far the MOST asked question I get from florists is: how do I price flowers for sale to my customers?

So people, let me share some good news with you today: the formula for pricing your floristry work does not need to be as hard as our industry makes it out to be.

Are there pricing “rules”?

Floristry is not a regulated industry with fixed prices. This means, as you grow your sales and marketing skills (yes, sales & marketing), you can command a premium for your work and charge whatever you like.

However, for many florists, and especially new florists, facing the blank pricing page and being told to ‘charge your worth’ is daunting and unhelpful.

As a result, many many florists second-guess themselves and grossly under-price their work. And that is a big problem for any business.

There are industry standard pricing formulas for everyday and event florals — and by ‘industry standard’, I mean a generally accepted pricing guide that will a) appeal to many customers and b) help you make a profit.

To clarify, they are not ‘rules’ that you need to follow. However, they are an excellent starting point to help you figure out how to price flowers.

And, I’ll give them both to you right now.

How to price flowers — the formulas

Retail flower pricing

Price = wholesale product cost x 3 + your time to make it

  • ‘Price’ includes any sales tax you include on final product.
  • ‘Wholesale product cost’ includes cost of sundries (ribbon/wrapping) but excludes any sales tax you paid on those items.
  • ‘Time’ is the hourly rate you would charge your services out at (usually x 2.5-3 of wages paid).
  • Delivery extra.

For example, an $80 bouquet breaks down as follows: $20 for wholesale flowers/sundries x 3 = $60. Plus $20 labour (takes 15 minutes of a florist’s time who charges out at $80/hr).

Wedding & event flower pricing

Price = wholesale product cost x 3.5-4.5 + 30-50% mark-up

  • ‘Price’ includes any sales tax you include on final product.
  • ‘Wholesale product cost’ includes cost of sundries (ribbon/oasis/tape/pins) but excludes any sales tax you paid on those items.
  • Delivery, set-up, pack down, disposal, hire items etc. are all extra.

For example, a $300 bridal bouquet would break down as follows: $61 for wholesale flowers/sundries x 3.5 = $213.50. Plus mark-up of 40% = $298.90.

When to use the formulas (and when not to)

On your search for clarity on how to price flowers, you may have been told that there is no single formula. That it all depends on the combination of unique factors affecting your business and marketplace.

For example, your overhead cost structure, wholesale purchasing power, market demographics, competitive landscape, ROI targets etc.

While this is basically true, I know this task can cause a lot of worry and anxiety for many florists. So, here’s a good guide to follow:

Use the formulas…

  • If you don’t have the experience or confidence to set your prices “from scratch”. This is especially true for new business owners who don’t have many paid jobs under their belt to learn from.
  • If you haven’t yet created a detailed plan for your business (and yes, you should do this — learn more about it here)
  • To compare. Perhaps you’ve been in business for a while but you’re not sure about your existing prices. They should be close to these formulas (or higher, of course). If they’re not, it’s time to rethink what you’re charging.

Don’t use the formulas…

  • If you have a well thought out (and sustainable) pricing strategy that fits into your larger business plan.
  • If you have a high-end, exclusive brand. Your customers are willing to pay a premium so your prices will therefore be higher than these formulas.

Do you know the real challenge with pricing flowers?

Now that you know the formulas, I’ll tell you the real challenge with setting your flower prices — it’s not knowing how much to charge, it’s having the confidence in yourself to charge it.

Because here’s what happens — florists take these formulas, sit down and do the math for their next job. And their brains FREAK out:

I cannot charge that much

No one will pay that much

That’s too expensive

Even though there are thousands of florists who charge these prices every day, your brain doesn’t think it’s possible for YOU to charge them.

Perhaps you don’t think you have enough experience. Or maybe you think it’s not ‘fair’ to charge these rates because you’re just starting out. Or maybe you just don’t think you’re worth it.

As a result of these thoughts, the worry and doubt running through your mind lead you make some bad pricing decisions: discounting, over-promising and the cheapening of what customers expect to be a luxury experience.

In fact, the importance of managing your mindset around pricing is so vital, I’ve done an entire podcast on it here.

Overcome your pricing fears

Here is my best advice: firstly, it’s not your job to decide whether you can charge that much. Relieve yourself from that responsibility and let it go. The formula for pricing flowers doesn’t need to be up for discussion. It is what it is.

Secondly, it’s not your job to decide if it’s too expensive or not. That’s your client’s decision. It’s your job to become a master at marketing and learn how to sell the value of your service.

Thirdly, you are worth every penny. You are worthy beyond measure. No matter where you are on your flower journey, your worthiness is 100%. Regardless of what you’ve done in the past or where you plan on being in the future.

100% in fact.

And finally, there’s more good stuff on how florists can conquer all things marketing, money and mindset. Grab my Free Pricing Guide #ForFlorists.



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Managing price shoppers as a floral designer

Managing price shoppers is the bane of every floral designer’s existence. You know, those inquiries who ask “Hi, I’m getting married on XX date so can you give me prices for the following list please”.

No hint that they like your design style. No request for your recommendation or advice. In fact, they don’t even ask if you’re available for their date. Just gimme the list please and thank you. I’m price shopping.

Managing these inquiries can be exhausting and demoralising as you begin to believe that price is the ONLY thing that customers care about. As a result, you second-guess your pricing and start down the dangerous path of trying to be the cheapest option.

Every industry has them

Can I let you in on a little secret? Floral design isn’t the only industry that has to manage price shoppers. The reality is that every single industry has them.

Every. Single. One.

The reason your customers keep asking about prices and looking for a good deal on flowers is because they don’t understand.

That is to say, they don’t understand what designers do. They don’t understand what floral design is all about.

Most importantly, they don’t see a difference between what YOU offer and what the next designer offers.

As a result, they assume that price is the only difference. Voila, you’re now stuck managing a price shopper.

The secret to managing Price Shoppers

The trick to managing those pesky price shoppers is knowing that customers are influenced by your entire brand. That is, the compilation of all the things you put out into the world, every touch point you have with your customers.

But remember, your visual identity — design style, logo, photos, colour palette, fonts — is only ONE aspect of your brand.

The mistake most floral designers make is they overlook the other areas of their brand that are just as important to their customers:

  1. Expertise – be an open book and share everything you know.
  2. Professionalism – your business needs to ooze legitimacy, everywhere.
  3. ‘You’ – you must show up in your marketing. Practice your selfies.

This is why an average designer, who doesn’t use premium ingredients or have a fancy logo, but does these branding steps well, can set themselves apart and minimise price shoppers.

More on Price Shoppers in the podcast

In this week’s episode of the Thrive Podcast #ForFlorists, I share with you my go-to approach for managing price shoppers. And I hand over my strategy for levelling-up your marketing so you can attract customers who aren’t obsessed with finding the lowest price available.

And finally, do you want more good stuff on conquering marketing, money and mindset for florists? Grab my Free Pricing Guide #ForFlorists.



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How To Get More Customers 🥰 Part 2


In the last episode I shared with you Step #1 for finding more customers: define WHO your ideal customers are.

And so today we’ll talk about the next step: understand HOW they shop for flowers.

Do they search Google? How do they use Instagram? Or do they even use Instagram (I know my dad ordering a $200 bouquet for my mum won’t).

What information are they looking for? What questions do they have?

Finding more customers is about truly getting into the head of your ideal customer and understanding how they search for florists and what they need to hear.

Want more good stuff? Grab my Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists.

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How to get more customers flower business podcast episode

How To Get More Customers 🤗 Part 1


Customers are the life blood of every business. Our businesses are only here because customers need the services we provide.

So, we need customers — lots of them.

But to find more of them, you need to know who you’re looking for. What is your ideal client? Who are they? What do they look like?

So, yes, the first step in attracting more customers is knowing WHO you’re looking for.

Today’s episode is Part 1 of a two-parter on finding more customers. Jump in now and I’ll share the EXACT list of questions to ask to define YOUR ideal customer.

Want more good stuff? Grab my Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists.

Take your business to the next level and sign up for my 1:1 Business Masterclass.



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Florist Event Contracts. What You Need To Know.

Beautiful Flower Peeps!

If you’re a wedding & event florist, it goes without saying that your contract terms & conditions are more important now than ever before.

But having a comprehensive and up-to-date set of terms & conditions has ALWAYS been important, and not just because of COVID uncertainty.

Bushfires. Floods. Acts of God. Illness. Customers changing their minds. Changes in wholesale prices. And just “shit happens”. You need to anticipate each of these scenarios and decide, beforehand, how you would handle them.

T&C’s are a valuable selling tool to show your customers that you’re prepared for any “what if” and to make sure that you’re both on the same page. Literally.

Download the FREE EVENT TERMS & CONDITIONS PDF and get access to my entire Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists.

Want to take your business to the next level? Sign up for my 1:1 Coaching program.



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Find Out If You’re Expecting Too Much From Customers

You probably have them — a set of “rules” you’ve consciously (or unconsciously) created for how your customers are supposed to think and behave.

Perhaps they should:

  • Know when peonies are in season
  • Love flowers as much as I do
  • Know what I mean by “burgundy”
  • Send a thank you note after their wedding
  • And so on and so on…

Becoming aware of, and then dropping, these expectations allows you to approach customers with a clean slate and be the most help to them.

And as y’all know, being as helpful as humanly possible is what will super-charge your business and make you more money.

Want more good stuff? Grab my Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists.

Take your business to the next level and sign up for my 1:1 Coaching program.



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