Real wedding flower quote – detailed review

In this week’s episode of the Thrive Podcast I go into nauseatingly fun detail on a real quote from a real wedding we’ve just completed (yep, just finished it in the last few weeks).

I do recommend that you download a PDF of this quote before you actually listen to this podcast but if you are multi-tasking maybe just listen along and print it out later. I do warn you though, when I say detail, I do mean detail. Talking about all the ins and outs and why we do what what we do and all the things.

Download the PDF and get access to my entire Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists.

We do go through the quote line by line and there is also an example Mood Board that is linked off this quote too – so you get to see all the things.

I hope this is helpful and don’t hesitate at all to let me know if you have any questions, need anything clarified etc.

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How to run a flower business with your spouse

I actually think I should rename this one – working with humans 🙂

Sloan and I first met at work – back when I was a 24 year-old overachieving advertising executive and he was the marketing manager at our agency’s largest business. I think the fact that we met at work is one of the main reasons why this business partnership works.

In this episode of the Thrive Podcast I share my top five tips for working with your spouse or any partner – be it a family member, a friend or an industry colleague. These guiding principles are helpful regardless of your relationship status with another person.

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How to run a flower business. The Business Planning Toolkit

Peoples – this week’s episode includes a free Business Planning Toolkit. Grab it here along with everything else in my Big Ass Folder of Free Shiz #ForFlorists.

In the land of big-business corporate marketing we used to spend hours, even days planning. And so often it would be overcomplicated, complex and it would sit on a shelf for months, if not years, never to be looked at again.

But there is some value in what we used to do back then – but this time round, we’ve simplified it. Heaps.

Our planning toolkit follows 8 simple steps to help you plan for the next 3 / 6 / 12 months.

Sloan and I try to sit down every 3 months to revisit our plan and evolve our ideas so make sure we’re still moving in a direction that suits us both. This toolkit is our bible for those planning sessions.

I know what it’s like, we get so wrapped up in working IN our businesses and never make time for working ON our businesses.  So, download the Business Planning Toolkit, listen to the podcast and then book a planning meeting with yourself – it will only take one morning or afternoon and you’ll have nailed a concrete plan for the next 3 – 6 months in your business.


How the heck did I get here?

Have you ever taken time to write down your life story? If you haven’t yet, I strongly urge you to do so – you don’t have to share it with a single person but the act of capturing all you’ve accomplished in this life time, to today is mind blowing. Truly, it will open your eyes to so much and allow you step outside, beyond this moment, beyond what is immediately in front of you.

In my very first episode of Thrive, I trace back to my early days, talk about my childhood a little bit but spend most of the time meandering through my career through my 20s and explain how we ended up here: two Canadians living in Australia, running a retail flower business as well as a separate wedding and events floral design studio (in a small small town – like 7000 people small).

Thank you to all of you who have pushed me into this. I am so proud of myself for just hitting record, sitting down and making it happen even when I wanted to find 10,000 excuses and 21,000 distractions.

Who knows where this journey of podcasting will take me but I’m pretty excited to try, to see where we all land.

Lots of love,



G’day I’m Kathleen!

I’m a girl who built a six-figure floral design business in a tiny town. Imma straight-talkin’, spreadsheet-lovin’, more-flowers-than-is-really-necessary kinda gal. My mission? To help floral designers overcome their self-doubt and make more money than they ever imagined.

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