How many stems do I put into a bridal bouquet?


I love the question asked in today’s episode – for two reasons (1) we’ve all asked the question and (2) credit to you guys for having the bravery for asking the question.

When I say “ask me anything”, I mean it so literally.

In this episode I talk you through the step by step guide to how you define the answer for yourself and your business.

The general principal is that you need to take control of the type of bouquets YOU make – the size and shape and YOUR pricing is based off of that.

Yes, all of this requires intentional practice. Because there is no right answer and you are allowed to create your designs in a way that inspires you AND meets your client’s needs.

Your business, your rules.

Grab my Intentional Practice worksheet here – forflorists.com/allthethings

Today’s Intentional Practice

Definition your bouquet silhouette, style & size

  1. Set your budget + buy your flowers
  2. Make your bouquet – you’re looking for your preferred shape, size and silhouette
  3. Write down your recipe (each ingredient used and the stem count for each)
  4. Brainstorm: what flowers would you ideally swap or add if you had an unlimited budget?
  5. Update your ideal recipe
  6. Do you pricing based on that amended recipe

The price you end up with in Step #6 is the price you offer your clients. You can adjust the colours and textures to account for a colour palette, but the formula you have with this pricing is what you will base your recipe off of.