How to grow your flower business? It’s all in your head.

On your quest to grow your flower business, here’s a powerful fact to consider: our thoughts create our feelings.

Now I know you may be thinking: no Kathleen, I feel this way because of the things going on around me. I didn’t choose to be angry but someone just cut me off in the merge lane.

But that’s not really true. You see, that emotion of anger you’re feeling came from a thought that ran through your brain just after the other driver cut you off: What a jerk! That’s dangerous! He’s so rude! When you think these thoughts, yes, you’re going to feel angry.

The science of your brain

For a long time making the connection between your thoughts/feelings and growing your business was considered “out there”. A bit too soft and fuzzy.

But over the past few decades science has stepped up and taught us way more about how our brains actually work.

So our brain’s job is to think (obviously). But the primitive part of our brains are hard-wired to look for danger and avoid uncertainty. It tells us to be cautious, uncertain and to not take risks.

Now this survival trait was REALLY useful when we were dodging sabre-toothed tigers and avoiding poisonous berries. Today, however, that part of our brain leads to thoughts like these:

So although your brain’s job is to think, if left to its own devices, it’s going to continue to offer up “doom and gloom” thoughts — always, like 60,000 thoughts a day always.

Now, it’s not hard to understand the impact these thoughts will have on someone whose trying to grow their flower business. They stifle action and suck all of their confidence which are critical ingredients to being successful.

But science has some good news. We all have a prefrontal cortex. It’s the more highly evolved part of our brain that can actually supervise the rest of it.

Yup, so basically you have the ability think different thoughts on purpose. You can override the primitive “doom & gloom” part of your brain and think a better thought.

Change your thinking, grow your business

With science on our side, knowing we can choose our own thoughts changes everything. Because the way you choose to think will help you grow your flower business and live a more intentional life.

But remember, YOU need to step in and offer up better thoughts. Your brain will always default to the negative because that’s how it was programmed. It is always trying to keep you out of trouble, avoid change and stay where it’s safe.

So when choosing better thoughts, remember this golden rule: there is always more than one way to interpret any situation.

That guy who cut you off in the merge lane? Some different thoughts to try out include: Maybe he’s dealing with a crisis. Perhaps he didn’t see me. Don’t take it personally because he doesn’t even know me.

There are no right or wrong thoughts, only ones that lead to feelings that are more or less helpful. You get to decide. Make the thought deliberate.

Here’s your challenge — instead of those “not good enough” thoughts, why not trying these out for size:

  • I am awesome.
  • I’m practicing the idea of being awesome.
  • I’m learning to think I am awesome.

Think of it this way: if you had the choice between believing “I’m not good enough” and “I’m learning to think I’m awesome”, which would you choose? Which frame of mind will help you grow your flower business? Which one won’t?

As well, what is the downside of believing I’m learning to think I’m awesome? None.

Learning how your brain works is a game changer — it will revolutionise your world. And, I want you to know there is nothing wrong with you. You have a human brain but have not learned how to use it.

My help growing your flower business

I’ve done a whole podcast episode on how thinking better thoughts can help grow your flower business. Listen in to the episode below.

And finally, learning about business and marketing doesn’t mean you need a university degree or fancy-pants corporate experience. I do have these things and am happy to share everything you need to know.

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