How to Price a Table Arrangement (Pretty Pastel Compote)

This week’s YouTube tutorial talks through the ins and outs of pricing this pretty little fella, a beautiful concrete urn arrangement…from an unknown designer.

Photo from Pinterest. If you know the designer, let me know so I can give them credit.

Here’s a sample recipe for those following along at home:
4 x White Ohara
6 x Vandella
4 x Carnations
6 x Tuberose
5 x Stock
1 bunch Freesia
1/2 bunch Sedum
0.4 bunch Peppercorn
0.3 bunch Eucalyptus
Yes, I have changed a few ingredients in my list and I encourage you to do the same – adapt the design based on colour palettes, seasonality and your design preferences.
If you’re paying really close attention, you’ll notice I did not include Blushing Bride and I swapped out the expensive import David Austin’s for Carnations.
You can make your own version of the recipe, but remember the pricing process is the same.
Based on the recipe I drafted, my Everyday Flower price worked out to $224. Weddings + Events $301 (and yes, this is without including any sundries / hard goods for the purposes of simplicity).
Enjoy the maths magic.

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