Stop Competing on Price, Educate Your Clients on Value

Here’s the thing, when I first started as a designer, I assumed being the cheapest option was the way to win business.

Great news!

It’s not.

In this week’s episode of the Thrive Podcast #ForFlorists, I talk about the concept of Value and share the ins and outs of what determines value.

The short version: every human on the planet needs to define value for themselves.

So what?

Well instead of deciding if your prices are too expensive (or not expensive enough), your only job is to educate you clients on the benefits of what you offer.

The price is the price.

Learn more in today’s podcast episode.

G’day I’m Kathleen!

I’m a girl who build a six-figure floral design business in a tiny town. Imma straight-talkin’, spreadsheet-lovin’, more-flowers-than-is-really-necessary kinda gal. My mission? To help floral designers overcome their self-doubt and make more money than they ever imagined.

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