Overcoming Self Doubt as a Floral Designer

In this week’s episode of the Podcast #ForFlorists, we go into the ins and outs of self doubt.


Another sexy topic coming at ya!

But here’s the important thing to know: all humans experience self doubt.

Yep. Every single one.

So, don’t go beatin’ yourself up assuming you’re the only one, or that there is something wrong with you.

You are human and you have a human brain.

Your brain is pre-programmed to negativity and doubt.

Which is great, because it’s how you’re still alive.

Of course, it’s so common to assume “We’re the only ones,” And tell ourselves that everyone has it figured out.

No ma’am.

In fact, self doubt is a topic we talk a lot about in my 1:1 Business Coaching program – because you can learn to navigate self doubt.

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