Wedding Flower Budget Calculator **

Below is the exact online calculator we provided our clients and I am a huge advocate of setting up something similar on your own website.

Our website is built on WordPress and the plugin we used is called Calculated Fields Form 100% recommend you find something similar based on what will work with your website platform.

Now, don’t stress too much about the technology – there are great YouTube videos and tutorials to help you set up the calculator.

In my opinion, it’s 100% worth the effort. Set it up once and send it off to your customers when they’re asking about prices + budgets.

This approach was way more effective than sending a static PDF – it reinforces just how helpful you are and very quickly separates you from the competition.

Finally, remember to go in and update you prices every year, particularly given the lead times of weddings.

*Be sure to include a simple disclaimer for your clients that this does not comprise a formal quote.*


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