Instagram Masterclass


Learn how to approach Instagram with confidence.

Get found by the right customers, feel spoiled for choice with what to post and never worry about your follower count again.

Does this sound like you?


Struggling with what to write, paralised by the blinking cursor?


Feel like the photos on your feed don’t ‘stack up’, riddled with self doubt?


Find yourself scrolling through Instagram feeling insecure and demoralised?


Feel stuck, uncertain, and hesitant to post anything at all?


Overwhelmed by the algorithm — wondering how everyone else has ‘figured it out’ and makes it look so easy?


Are convinced your follower count is what’s going to help you build a successful business?


I know exactly how you feel because that’s my story too.

I'm here to help.

If you listen to any of the social media gurus these days, they will teach you how to grow your follower count and up your influencer game.

But, can I let you in on a little secret? In our industry, your follower count does not matter.

WTF? Yeah, I’m not kidding.

We floral designers get to play an entirely different Instagram game, one that is way easier than you realise.

And now, I want you to have access to it all. To feel 100% confident in how to approach instagram, know the exact steps to follow to attract better clients and finally feel empowered to create the type of work you’ve always wanted to make.

It’s waiting for you inside my Instagram Masterclass.

What's covered in my Instagram Masterclass #ForFlorists?


The 4 myths of Instagram

Let's jump right into it and sort through the common misconceptions floral designers have about Instagram.


The right strategy

Set the foundation for your success on Instagram and learn exactly how to use it to attract better clients.


Let's talk features

There are hundreds of different features on Instagram. I'll share with you which ones to focus on — and those you don't need to worry about.


Gettin' found easily

Let's be honest, this is the secret to my success and I'm passing along the exact steps to follow for your business.


Caption how-to's

Skip right past the uncertainty and overwhelm and find out what captions to use in your feed.


Fill your feed

One of the best bits is that I'm handing over my exact approach to creating a drool-worthy feed. It's way easier than you think!


Stories, IGTV & Lives

Learn my go-to strategies for each one and understand how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

Your bio + that 'one' link

You can quickly turn lurkers into active clients in a matter of minutes. I'm giving you the formula for you to follow for your business.

The only Instagram course created specifically for florists.

Learn the exact steps to attracting better clients, without worrying about your follower count.

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Leapfrog the Competition.

I’m passing along my proven system for attracting better clients, building community and creating a hugely successful flower business without thousands of followers.

Gain Confidence

Know exactly what to post and when. Never worry about what to share next.

Feel Energised

Fall in love with the platform and get excited to connect with your customers.

Stop Stressin'

No more obsessing over your follower count and no longer will you feel paralysed by what to say.

Better Clients

Get found quickly and start doing the work you've always wanted to create.

What you'll learn inside my Instagram Masterclass #ForFlorists

The only Instagram program created specifically for florists, by a florist.

Why your follower count doesn't matter.


Exact steps to follow to attract your dream clients.


Go-to approach for writing captions and planning your feed.


The Instagram features to prioritise and what to skip over.

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A full suite of templates + tools.

Cause I want to make this program as helpful and actionable as possible, and get you feelin' confident about showin' up on Instagram.

Grid Planner

Exact grid to follow on your feed to make planing easy.

Caption Guide

So you can plan a full month (or even a year) of captions in minutes.

Hashtag How To

Cut through the confusion and know presicely what and how many hashtags to use.

Easy Image Ideas

Never feel stuck again when it comes to photos for your feed.

Highlight Templates

Beautifully designed covers for your Instagram Highlights — customise the colours to your business' brand.

Insta Story Template

Get my go-to design for the #1 must have Instagram Story.

Peoples! It's easier than you think to win on Instagram.

Here’s the thing, while everyone else is out there struggling to grow their follower count, I want you to know that number does not matter.
Unlike other businesses, floral designers don't need to worry about followers. I built a 6-figure floral design business with less than a thousand followers and I know you can too.
And I’m laying it out, step by step, in my Instagram Masterclass #ForFlorists.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got the best news for you! The program is 100% self-paced, which means you get to jump into the materials on your own schedule. The entire program is hosted online and no need to worry about class schedules or live sessions.
You get lifetime access to the materials, which means you don't need to rush through the content. The beauty of this program is that it's all hosted online so you can quickly jump in and out as your schedule allows.
Absolutely! Kathleen teaches precisely what helped her turn a small Instagram following into a big flower business. What is taught in the Instagram Masterclass is what works, regardless of how long you've been in business for.
This course is created specifically for florists. We work in a very different industry than other business owners and we can use the Instagram platform in unique ways to attract the right kinds of clients. No longer do you need to worry about your Instagram following. In this course, Kathleen teaches you the exact approach to follow to attract better clients and do the work you've been dreaming of.
The course materials are a combination of online videos, workbooks and templates. And, because you get lifetime access to the materials, you can come back and revisit them any time you like.
If you're interested in 1:1 coaching with Kathleen, submit your application to her signature business program (click here). Plus, as a 1:1 student of Kathleen's you get access to the Instagram Masterclass for FREE.
Not at all – the course materials are yours forever, which means you can sign up today and then revisit them again in a few months, as your schedule allows.